NEW! 9 Professional Food Carts for Sale

Are you looking for high-quality yet affordable food carts for sale?

Food Carts are a very popular choice for those looking to start a street food business with a low startup cost. Much cheaper than food trucks, easier to move and maneuver, they’re ideal to operate in busy urban areas and can be used for selling just about any variety of food.

Since we started making them, we’ve seen a constant increase in demand and popularity, prompting us to continuously perfect and expand our food carts range.

Today, our vending carts portfolio includes dozens of models, some of them custom-made and totally unique.

Here are our newest models:

BizzOnWheels New Food Carts Range

1. The Hot Dog Cart

One of our most popular food carts for sale, the Hot Dog Cart is an all-season powerhouse. It can be maneuvered as a push cart or towed by an electric bicycle and it’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Available in two options: hot dog push cart or hot dog bike (with electric bicycle). 

2. The BBQ & Grill Cart

If you’re a barbecue master or a hamburger whiz, then this cart is for you. It comes with an LPG fueled grill, a sink and three stainless steel containers for ingredients – everything you need to cook like a veritable Street Chef.

Available in two options: grill food push cart or grill food bike (with electric bicycle).

3. The Crepe Cart

For those wanting to bring the delicacies of the French cuisine to the streets of their city, we have created the Crepe Cart, equipped with a professional LPG fueled crepes maker.

Available in two options: crepes push cart and crepes bike (with electric bicycle).

 4. The Ice Cream Cart

Equipped with a 98 litre freezer, solar panels and a 12 V battery, the Ice Cream Cart is perfect for selling frozen treats outdoors as well as indoors, at private parties and events.

Available in two options: ice cream push cart and ice cream bike (with electric bicycle).

5. The Coffee Cart

Created for dynamic baristas who want to share their coffee specialties with the world, our Coffee Cart comes with an Astoria espresso machine, a brand known for its quality and longevity.

Available in two options: coffee push cart and coffee bike (with electric bicycle).

6. The Juice Cart

Our Juice Cart is designed for selling fresh fruit and veggie juices prepared on the spot, using  the manual press juice it comes equipped with. Alternatively, we can also fit the cart with an electric blender or with an electric juicer.

Available in two options: juice push cart and juice bike (with electric bicycle).

7. The Basic Food Cart

For pre-made and packaged foods and drinks, we have created the basic Food Cart, which features four interior storage compartments and two exterior ones, on each side of the cart.

Available in two options: basic food cart and basic food bike (with electric bicycle).

8. The Custom Food Cart

We know that no two businesses are the same, which is why we also manufacture custom food carts.  Our customers send us their specifications and we bring their design to life in our EU factory.

Some of the custom food carts we made are the Vintage Ice Cream Cart and the Frozen Yogurt Cart:

Would you like to know more about out food carts for sale? Then drop us a line HERE.
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