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About Us

Confidence, Innovation and Success. These are the values that drive us. Which is precisely why we are more than your conventional product development company – we’re a team committed to helping you grow. How? By creating affordable business and advertising solutions for entrepreneurs just like you.

And you know what? We love it! Because with every order we take, we get to be in the middle of it all: entrepreneurs launching their very first business venture, companies reaching out to new customers and advertising agencies unfolding eye-catching outdoor campaigns. It can’t get more rewarding than this!

BizzOnWheels Team

Who Do We Work With?

They call it B2B, we call it vision-to-vision. Visionaries, Doers, Go-getters, and Leaders – these are the people we work with on a daily basis. Which one are you?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who’s looking for innovative business ideas and affordable start-up solutions?

Then learn how you can Start-Up Your Bike with our Bicycle Vending Carts, AdBikes and Cargo Bikes, or get some business inspiration from our Small Business Ideas collection.

Are you a business owner wanting to attract more customers?

Check out our eye-catching mobile billboards designed for super-effective outdoor advertising or consider taking your business straight to your customers with our Bicycle Vending Carts and Cargo Bikes.

Are you a media agency looking for compelling outdoor advertising solutions?

It’s time you meet our gold-awarded mobile billboards made for targeted outdoor advertising using advertising bikes and brand ambassadors. 

How We Started – Our Story

Growth begins with a seed. Ours is innovation.

We started in 2011 with our very first product: the AdBicy, a gold winning mobile advertising billboard, envisioned as a high-impact outdoor advertising instrument for businesses, media agencies, and dynamic go-getters looking for low-cost startup ideas.

After its creation, we quickly realized that a bike has the potential to do so much more for a business, even become one, given the right addons. For example, a bike with a specialized trailer, such as a vending cart or a cargo trailer, can successfully replace a car in most situations, not to mention that it’s the greenest, most low-cost vehicle available.

You see, when it comes to business, mobility is a priceless asset – it enables you to go where your clients are when they need you most, while giving you the upper-hand on strategy, costs, and competition.

And this is exactly the principle that our product range is based on.

Bringing a two-century old moving contraption – which is, you guessed it, a bicycle – in the 21st century business environment, we created a series of products that can adapt and move to any location, providing a proactive solution to two of the most important aspects of any business: advertising and sales.

To sum up, we offer ready-to-go bicycle business solutions for upbeat & determined entrepreneurs who are ready to go out and deliver the best products or services money can buy, with a free side dish of positive vibes and smiles.

The stars of our Product Vault?

AdBicy mobile billboard by Bizz On Wheels 

The AdBicy Mobile Billboard 

A modular mobile bicycle billboard that won the gold medal at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions and the hearts of hundreds of customers around the world.

Discover It Here!




Coffee Vending Cart designed by BizzOnWheels

The Coffee Cart

A professional coffee vending cart that will take your business straight to your customers.

Discover It Here!





Hot dog vending cart by BizzOnWheels

The Hot Dog Cart

A fully equipped hot dog vending cart that will take your business straight to your customers.

Discover It Here! 




What We Believe In – Our Manifesto

Some people believe in luck.

We believe in empowering individuals and businesses by giving them the means to stand out and to create their own opportunities.

We believe in a better world, shaped by successful entrepreneurs and like-minded customers who share our values and want to promote a better and more fulfilling way of life.

We believe in you!

Whether you want to advertise more effectively or to start your own business, we’re literally behind you 100%!

The question is, are you ready to rock your business?

See How!