Premium Coffee Cart

Designed for Performance

This fully equipped café on wheels is the ultimate coffee cart on the market. 

Easy to operate thanks to its size and features, the Premium Coffee Cart can be used in unlimited ways, either outdoors or indoors, as a street-smart coffee bike or as a pop-up coffee bar. This makes it ideal for selling coffee just about anywhere. You can pedal it to the best spots in town, set up shop in commercial venues or cater to private events – the options are truly limitless. 

Designed as a complete business solution, the cart is able to fulfill a high volume of orders over a prolonged period of time thanks to its equipment and features such as a commercial dual-fuel coffee machine, additional countertop space and an extra boost of energy provided by its solar panel and its high-capacity battery. 

Recommended for entrepreneurs and HoReCa companies seeking ready-made professional solutions to grow their businesses and expand their customer reach.

Bizz On Wheels premium coffee cart

Coffee Bike Mode

The Premium Coffee Cart can be connected to and towed by any ebike thanks to our patent-pending universal saddle hitch system.

Coffee bike manufactured by BizzOnWheels

Push Cart Mode

For increased maneuverability in outdoor and indoor locations, the Premium Coffee Cart is equipped with an ergonomic handlebar.

BizzOnWheels vending cart in push cart mode

Standard & Custom

  • Our Food Carts portfolio includes a broad range of projects, both standard and custom. Beyond their shared features, each one of our carts is unique, just like the businesses we help our customers build and grow.

  • Our Premium Coffee Cart is an off-the-shelf solution for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. Outfitted with all the necessary equipment and more, the cart comes ready to use straight out of the box.

  • Completely customizable, the Premium Coffee Cart can be equipped on demand with accessories for every purpose and commercial requirement, such as cup dispenser, countertop LED lights, fridge, etc.

Premium Coffee Cart Features

The Premium Coffee Cart features a food-grade stainless steel countertop with folding extensions, six interior storage compartments, two open storage spaces (one on each side of the cart) and an electrical system kit for increased efficiency. This model comes equipped with commercial coffee brewing equipment.

The cart is available in two colour schemes, black or white, and can be branded with custom graphics either by us or by the end user.

*Please note that the battery is NOT included when shipped by air due to flight safety regulations.

Technology Makes Things Possible. Smart Design Makes Them Easy

How do you fit everything you have in mind within a compact steel frame? By thinking outside the box. Each of our carts combines the best of technology with smart design solutions to provide you with all the features you need, and more.

Premium coffee cart made by Bizz On Wheels

Folding roof


Food-grade stainless steel countertop


Waste disposal area


Ergonomic handlebar


Sliding side panels for branding and advertising


Alloy wheels


Third wheel for push cart or stationary mode

Bizz On Wheels premium coffee cart vendor side

Solar panel


Folding countertop extensions


Six interior storage compartments


Industrial locking system with key


Two exterior storage compartments


20L fresh & waste water tanks

A SEAMLESS Work Experience

Following the simplest configuration to the most complex one, we designed the countertop layout to offer you a smooth and intuitive workflow. Whether you’re brewing coffee or serving your customers, we made sure that everything you need is within reach and, at the same time, nothing is in the way.

Over 500 Coffees per Day

Thanks to its professional dual fuel coffee machine, the cart is able to cater to over 500 clients a day, flawlessly performing even in three uninterrupted shifts.

Energy Efficiency

For your convenience, the Premium Coffee Cart is equipped with a solar panel and an electrical system kit, maximizing its performance and energy efficiency.

Solar panel kit for food carts by BizzOnWheels

Interior Storage

To maximise its storage capacity, the cart’s interior is divided into six compartments, providing plenty of space for supplies and equipment.

Bizz On Wheels basic coffee cart interior compartments

Optional Features

Our extensive range of accessories includes:

Countertop LED lights • Milk pitcher washer • Cup dispenser • 12V or 120/220V fridge • Insulated polystyrene cold storage boxes • E-mobility kit (electric motorized wheels and steering system) • Electric chopper bike • GPS • any other option required

Premium Coffee Cart Specs

Built using the highest quality materials and cutting edge manufacturing techniques, the Premium Coffee Cart is designed to be durable, practical and efficient.


Steel frame • Stainless steel wrapped body, sandblasted and powder coated for maximum protection and resistance • Food-grade stainless steel countertop. 

The cart’s two main wheels are made of aluminum alloy and can withstand weights of up to 350 kg. The 3rd retractable wheel is designed to be used while stationary or in push cart mode and should be retracted during bicycle towing. 

The Premium Coffee Cart comes equipped with a dual traction system which consists of a handlebar (for push cart mode) and a bicycle trailer hitch (for bicycle towing).


Height: 1616 mm (folded) to 2256 mm (unfolded)
Width: 945 mm
Length: 1772 mm
Weight: 175 kg
Countertop dimensions: 1629 mm x 650 mm



USA and Worldwide:
delivery by air
(3-7 business days)

USA and Worldwide
delivery by sea

(14-65 days port-to-port)

Mainland Europe:
delivery by road
(3-5 business days)

What Our Customers Say

“I ordered a pull behind kiosk (a basic vending cart) for my bike rental business and I love it. The team was very nice to work with and I trust their products.”

Mark Anthony,
Pedego Electric Bikes

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help, the bike looks even better than I thought it would! When I first came up with the idea of the catering bicycle – it looks just how I imagined it to, so again, thank you. You and your team have done an amazing job. All the best.”

James Williamson, 

“The cart is really looking great! Nice job. We are looking forward to trying it out.”

Daniel Schmidt,