How to start a hot dog cart business by BizzOnWheels

As with any type of business, hot dog vending has its specific legal requirements and constraints. These often vary by city, county and state, and you can learn about the ones that apply in your area by contacting your local Health Department or the Department of Environmental Services.

How to start a coffee cart business by Bizz On Wheels

So you’ve been thinking about starting a coffee cart business but you’re not sure where to begin? We know firsthand that setting it up can be challenging, yet there are huge profits available to those who get things right.

Ice cream cart

Did you know that Europeans buy, on average, about 9 kg of ice cream per year? Same goes for US: the average American consumes 22 lbs of ice cream every year.

How to start a street food cart business by BizzOnWheels

Wondering how to start a food cart business? The timing couldn’t be better: it seems that the street food craze is sweeping the world.