Immersive Business Solutions

When You Are Global, We Can Take You Local

Designed to submerge into the everyday living of communities around the world, our complete range of immersive business solutions – food carts, food bikes, mobile billboards and electric utility bikes – serve companies whose business approach is to reinvent how individuals and local communities can be successfully accessed. Bizz On Wheels is dedicated to support companies who aim at delivering their products and services in a direct, warm and emphatic fashion.

How We Achieve This

Societies have been changed by technology and freedom of movement. While the world wide web has opened an unimaginable number of opportunities for human interaction and trade, people start missing the experience of real human contact. And for those, we must be ready to deliver. Our products help your business to access communities from within, to make yourself a part of the community and therefore to become part of their culture.

Driven by a powerful endeavour for innovation and a fierce dedication to engineer clever gear, we stand out by advancing mobility solutions that are orderly devised and precisely assembled to match our client’s needs; that are energy efficient, environment friendly and sustainable.

How We Started

Bizz On Wheels was proudly founded in 2010 presenting to its customers AdBicy, a mobile billboard designed for outdoor advertising. Since then, as the company expanded, a large array of mobility solutions were introduced and we are now producing a variety of bicycle driven carts for general vending and food, including hot dog, bbq & grilling carts, coffee, ice cream, gelato and many more. We have also introduced food delivery bikes and electric utility bikes. As you can see, the bicycle – this two century old and forever modern vehicle – is in our company’s DNA and we constantly work to design and create impressive bicycle-inspired products. 

Eco Ethical Innovation Is Our Contribution For the Planet  

Handbuilt for efficiency and performance, eco ethical and green orientated, our food carts have been the first ones in the world to be designed with two tractions modes, usable both as push carts and bicycle tractable. In addition, depending on equipment, the carts can be powered by gas or electrically and some of our products are completely energy independent. Sustainability is increased by our solar panels and carefully manufactured  electrical system kits. This is how we, at Bizz On Wheels, understand to contribute at preserving our planet, while our promise is to always seek to improve and invent great products.

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