Street Food Stepping Up: Food Trucks Continue to Drive Interest

Restaurants are part of the landscape in nearly every community of any measurable size in America. They’re where we gather and try out new foods. But there’s a new type of “restaurant” that continues to revolutionize the food scene in the country: food trucks.

Once a rarity and once found only in very large metropolitan areas, food trucks are now scattered across the country, and not just in urban spots like Los Angeles and New York City. There are thousands and thousands of food trucks in metros of every size, and these mobile restaurants serve nearly every type of food. Some of them are themed hamburgers only, for example, or ice cream, while others focus on an ethnic type of food or a particular type of ingredient, perhaps locally grown fare.

Mostly thought, food trucks are a lot of fun and a good way to experience food in a new way, to meet a new community and explore new tastes. Learn more from the infographic below, courtesy of ZeroCater:

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