Advertising Bike for Sale

AdBicy advertising bike for sale

What Exactly Is an Advertising Bike?

An advertising bike is an outdoor advertising medium consisting of a mobile billboard attached to a bicycle.

Also known as ad bike or promobike, the advertising bike enables companies and business owners to promote their products and services in a highly targeted and effective manner, with the added benefit of a low cost per thousand impressions.

Advertising Bike’s Unique Benefits and Advantages


The biggest advantage of an advertising bike is that it can reach areas inaccessible to more traditional means of advertising such as pedestrian city centers, outdoor events, fairs and competitions, busy streets, and so on.

Ad bikes are perfect for raising brand awareness and for running promotional campaigns around shopping and retail areas, parks and recreation centers, or places where static billboards are forbidden. Their eye-catching design makes them ideal for promoting discounts, product launches, store openings, conferences, events and exhibitions.


Advertising bikes are also very suitable for targeting specific audiences such as local shoppers, tourists, young concert goers, sports fans, commuters, etc.

The Human Factor

Ad bike riders can act as brand ambassadors and interact with your target audience by providing information, answering questions, or by handing out leaflets and product samples. 

The Eco-Friendly Factor

Today, customers appreciate brands that promote and stand for values such as sustainability, ethical manufacturing, and fair trade practices.

Ad bike advertising is not only eco-friendly in itself, but our mobile billboards are manufactured with a high percentage of post consumer aluminum, making them sustainable and environmentally-friendly as well. 

Mobility and Flexibility

Unlike static billboards, advertising bikes can go where your target audience is at any given moment. They can cover large areas and, unlike truck billboards, they are not limited to streets or by traffic queues. 

Low Cost per Thousand Impressions

Among all the forms of outdoor advertising, ad bikes provide the lowest cost per thousand impressions.

Advertising Bike for Sale

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