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AdBicy M bicycle billboard and adbike for sale

An adbike is a low cost advertising tool for small businesses owners who do not afford big marketing budgets. Whether you advertise yourself and attach the mobile billboard to your bicycle or hire a brand ambassador to ride the adbike, the effect will be the same: an innovative and creative low budget marketing campaign.

Advertising bicycle billboards are easily noticed by passers-by in crowded areas. Snapshots of the advertising campaign will automatically be taken mentally by targeted public and remembered longer than any message on traditional static billboards, which, according to statistics, are mostly being ignored. Your message carried by the bike billboard can be easily seen in many places during the same day.

The adbike will create a positive effect on people on their way to work, school, back home or simply going out for a walk or shopping. You can ride your bicycle in specific areas where you choose your message to be delivered in motion or place it in front of institutions or in the middle of a square for limited time.

An adbike advertising schedule can be organized accordingly: no matter how long is the working day of the person riding the bike, it can move all across the town and alternatively placed in a stationary position when the employee is on his break. Basically, the message will be permanently displayed: when in motion, when the brand ambassador is stationary or simply when the trailer is parked in front of the point of sale, company headquarters or at home.

Billboards placed on adbikes are easy to look at and noticed in crowds and definitely stand out among any other messages displayed on traditional media, thanks to the innovative and creative way of being assembled and carried along almost anywhere.

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