Bike Advertising Is Efficient, Fun, and Eco-Friendly

City advertising with bike advertising trailer

Bike advertising is the newest trend in outdoor advertising.

Whether we’re talking about promotions, offers, or your brand’s slogan, the ad bikes can deliver your message to thousands of people for the smallest amount of money and in the shortest amount of time.

Besides their cost-effectiveness, advertising bikes and mobile billboards provide another important benefit: precise targeting. They can go wherever your target audience is found: in traffic, in and around busy squares, parks, outdoor concerts, and so on.

Their eye-catching nature makes them hard to ignore. For example, people who travel by bus are not able to see the messages plastered on its sides, and they mostly ignore it while getting in or out of it. But an ad bike swiftly riding along is hard to miss, especially since it eases the boredom of the heavy urban traffic with some much needed eye candy.

The AdBicy, our revolutionary mobile billboard is the ideal marketing solution for striking outdoor campaign. It is simple, it is based 100% on man power and it can switch from portrait to landscape orientation in no time, carrying multiple shapes in various dimensions.

Bike advertising also appeals to eco-minded customers, as it’s energy-efficient and there’s virtually no waste involved. For many of us, customers and companies alike, the environmental issue has become a top priority, and a lot of industries are trying to align themselves to eco-friendly standards while developing new products. Outdoor advertising should make no exception and ditch those huge static billboards with playful advertising trailers.

To sum up, bicycle advertising is suitable for any type or product and service, and it comes with advantages few OOH advertising instruments can provide: efficiency, cost-effectiveness, precise targeting, and eco-friendliness.

As for man power, your company can hire people per project to promote your ads in a very time and cost-effective way, without requiring more effort than cycling. It’s as simple as that!

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