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AdBicy mobile billboards and adbikes for sale

Advertising on bicycle advertising trailers, or adbikes, as they are informally called, is one of the newest, most cost-effective and eco-friendly ways to get the word out about a business, a product launch, a special event or a fair.

This human-powered advertising medium is gaining popularity all around the world. With people spending up to 70% of their time away from home, especially during the work week, adbike advertising is an effective way to get your message across to the general public.

We’re also less exposed to traditional media such as television, newspapers and magazines and much of our time away from home is spent commuting. So it’s time to turn back to traditional offline advertising – especially with one that can keep up with your target audience.

Since our brain has evolved to pick up and react to spontaneous stimuli, this means a message displayed on an adbike is ten times more likely to be noticed than a TV commercial or a traditional static billboard advertising.

Which is why we created a brand new series of long-range adbikes for sale.

By using an adbike, you can:

  • Launch a brand or build brand awareness cost-effectively. Simply attaching an ad trailer to your bike, you can promote your new business before opening or teasing campaigns. You don’t have to worry about the high cost of online media advertising or static billboards.
  • Reach mass audiences or target specific ones with a desired frequency. The adbike or advertising bike trailer can be put in motion wherever the message needs to be spread, at anytime of the day, by bikers hired for specific campaign or simply by employees on adbikes on their way to work, given the increasing number of people who chose the bicycle as their main mean of transportation.
  • Multiply the effect of other media by reinforcing the message over a longer period through advertising bike trailers. Simply displaying an advertising trailer easy to be assembled and disassembled carrying the same format of you ad as in the other media channels. This multiplying effect of snapshot of the live image promoted on the ad trailer in motion will make audience instantly connecting both images. This way the brand awareness will be naturally reinforced.

Our adbikes and adbike billboards will easily convert brand awareness into consumer behavior.
Check out our long-range adbikes for sale HERE.

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