Create In-house Outdoor Advertising Campaigns for Your Company with Bicycle Billboards

Advertising bikes with AdBicy bicycle billboards

In an era where advertising space is increasingly cluttered, businesses are constantly on the lookout for innovative, cost-effective ways to capture the attention of their local markets. One such groundbreaking approach involves the use of bicycle billboards, specifically the Adbicy mobile billboard, a mobile, bike-towed billboard with a modular frame capable of taking up to nine different forms. This versatile advertising tool is not just an eco-friendly way to navigate through the bustling city streets but also a strategic method to localize your advertising efforts, ensuring your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

Leveraging the Power of Adbicy for Localized Advertising

Adbicy’s unique design allows companies to create their own outdoor advertising department, utilizing either their current staff or temporary hires to manage and mobilize these billboards. This hands-on approach to advertising empowers businesses to execute targeted local campaigns without the need for external agencies, significantly reducing costs while maintaining control over their branding and messaging.

The primary advantage of Adbicy lies in its ability to offer companies the autonomy to craft and disseminate their advertising, specifically targeting their local business area. This self-managed advertising method is not only cost-effective but also ensures that campaigns are highly targeted and relevant to the local demographic.

Easy to Assemble and Navigate

Adbicy billboards are designed for ease of assembly and mobility, making them perfect for deployment in pedestrian zones and other areas where traditional media vehicles might not have access. This flexibility allows companies to strategically place their advertising in high-traffic areas such as city events, festivals, and other gatherings, potentially garnering thousands of views and engaging directly with the target audience.

Ideal for Small Businesses, Event Organizers, and More

Small businesses, event organizers, noble causes, and political campaigns can particularly benefit from the use of a mobile billboard. Its accessibility and eco-friendly nature make it an excellent choice for those looking to promote their message outdoors, with precise geo-targeting capabilities that ensure the message is seen by the most relevant audience.

The Environmental and Economic Advantage

In addition to its marketing benefits, Adbicy represents an environmentally friendly advertising solution. In contrast to the high carbon footprint associated with traditional outdoor advertising methods, bicycle billboards offer a sustainable alternative that contributes positively to urban environments. This aspect is especially appealing to companies looking to develope their green credentials and appeal to eco-conscious consumers.


The advent of bicycle billboards, presents an unprecedented opportunity for companies to take charge of their outdoor advertising campaigns. This method not only allows for precise targeting and direct engagement with local audiences but also represents a significant cost saving compared to traditional advertising channels
 AdBicy bicycle billboards 

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