Advertise in Impossible Places with the AdBicy Bike Billboard

AdBicy giant mobile billboard by Bizz On Wheels

In the dynamic world of marketing, reaching your audience where they are most engaged is the golden ticket to effective advertising. Enter the AdBicy bike billboard, a revolutionary tool that boasts the remarkable ability to infiltrate spaces previously thought inaccessible to traditional advertising methods. With a wheelbase just 80 centimeters wide, the AdBicy glides into pedestrian zones, markets, festivals, fairs, boardwalks, and any bustling location where potential clients can be found. This unparalleled mobility ensures that if a company knows precisely where its customers are, AdBicy can reach them, turning every corner of the city into a potential billboard.

Case Study: Targeted Advertising with AdBicy

Imagine a local pizzeria nestled in the heart of a bustling neighborhood. Despite offering the best artisan pizza in town, it struggles to attract new customers amidst the competition. Here’s where AdBicy comes into play, transforming the pizzeria’s advertising strategy from broad and unfocused to highly targeted and effective.

Pizzeria: By cycling the AdBicy through specific areas within the neighborhood, particularly near parks, community centers, and other local businesses, the pizzeria can advertise daily specials, discounts, and events directly to its target market. The mobility of AdBicy allows the pizzeria to be present at local street festivals and outdoor markets, places teeming with potential customers but previously unreachable with stationary advertising.

Restaurant: A restaurant aiming to promote its new seasonal menu can use AdBicy to tour around food markets, local business districts, and tourist attractions, offering samples and menu leaflets. This direct approach not only showcases the restaurant’s offerings but also builds a personal connection with potential diners.

Café: For a café looking to increase its morning traffic, positioning an AdBicy at nearby transit stations and busy intersections during the morning commute can catch the eye of coffee lovers on their way to work. The café can promote its barista-made coffees and breakfast deals to a captive audience looking for their morning caffeine fix.

Travel Agency: A travel agency launching a new exotic destination package can take advantage of AdBicy to target areas with high foot traffic, such as shopping malls, universities, and leisure parks. By creating an engaging visual experience complete with stunning images of the destination, the agency can spark the wanderlust of potential travelers and invite them to learn more.

The Advantages of Targeted Advertising with AdBicy

The key to AdBicy’s success lies in its ability to deliver highly targeted advertising with a personal touch. By being in the right place at the right time, companies can engage with potential customers in a way that feels less intrusive and more like a natural part of the environment. This strategy not only increases the visibility of the advertising message but also enhances its relevance to the audience encountered.

Moreover, the agility of AdBicy to navigate through crowds and reach spots teeming with potential customers allows businesses to explore creative and innovative advertising campaigns that would be impossible with larger, more cumbersome advertising mediums. In essence, AdBicy turns the city into a canvas for personalized, impactful advertising, ensuring that no potential customer is out of reach.


The AdBicy bike billboard offers businesses a unique opportunity to advertise in previously impossible places, bringing their message directly to the doorstep of potential clients. Through strategic positioning and targeted campaigns, businesses like pizzerias, restaurants, cafés, and travel agencies can leverage AdBicy’s mobility to make a lasting impression on their target audience. In the crowded marketplace of today, standing out requires not just reaching people but reaching them where they live, work, and play— AdBicy bike billboard  makes that possible.

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