Medium burger cart for street food

Street Food Cart M

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• 2 traction modes
• Outdoor and indoor use
• Printed decals for custom graphic

• Made in EU
• 2 years warranty
• Worldwide delivery!

• 2 traction modes
• Outdoor and indoor use
• Printed decals for custom graphic

• Made in EU
• 2 years warranty
• Worldwide delivery!

Custom Branding & Colors

The Street Food Cart M can be branded with custom colors & designs using printed decals. By default, the Street Food Cart M comes in black / white colors only.

Basic street food M Medium sized street food cart for hot dogs

Designed to Put Your Food Business On Wheels

Easy to Equip. Simple to Use.

Adaptable to Your Business Needs

The Street Food Cart M can be used as a Pop-up Restaurant for a variety of fast foods, from hot dogs and burgers to crepes and deserts.

Ultra Mobility All Around the City

Easy to Use & Maneuver both as a Push Cart or as a Street Food Bike with the towing arm.


food cart, push cart


food bike, vending bike

Included Features

Your Street Food Cart M comes with:


Made of 12 mm plywood walls, reinforced with powder coated steel and HPL. The base structure is made of welded steel profiles. All the parts are CNC machined with a precision of 0,02 mm and assembled by hand.The body of the cart is delivered fully assembled, the user need to assemble only the umbrella.


Black or White


Available for an extra fee, with printed decals (ask customer service to include it in your quote)

Countertop setup

Food grade stainless steel, reinforced with 18 mm plywood. Built-in sink, size GN 1/3. The tap is powered by a 220V water pump, with 10 liter fresh water tank + 10 liter waste water tank. Holes for electrical cables and water hoses


20″ aluminum bicycle wheels with 36 spokes and plastic covers in front and oscillating rear wheel


Folding umbrella with  250 cm diameter

Interior Storage

2 doors with industrial key lock and 5 storage compartments

Shipping Package Size The product is packed in a wooden box: 1100L x 800W x 1200H mm
Net Weight

65 kg

Gross Weight


Manuals & Instructions

PDF and Video formats

Assembly Time

10-20 minutes 


24 Months (subject to normal wear and tear)

Spare Parts

Available from customer service



Workspace & Storage

By design, the Basic Street Food Cart M countertop layout and interior storage are optimized for an efficient and intuitive workflow.

Countertop Layout

Ready for Any Cooking Equipment

Add your own professional cooking equipment for burgers, hot dogs or crepes.

Basic street food cart M with grill
Street food cart M with crepe machine

Interior Storage

Equipped with ample storage, durable construction, and sleek design, our cart caters to a variety of vending needs from food and beverages to merchandise.


Countertop Dimensions

Print Area Dimensions

Shipping Packaging

The Food Cart M comes with all the finished components for a smooth and fast assembly.

food cart wooden box


Here are all the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the lifetime of a Bizz On Wheels cart? 

Our carts are designed to last for minimum of 10 years of daily use.

2. What are Bizz On Wheels carts made of?

All of our carts are made of the following materials: 

Body: Plywood covered in Hpl and powder coated steel parts;

Countertop: plywood covered in food-grade stainless steel;

Chassis: steel.

3. What is the total weight of the Street Food Cart M?

Basic Cart L body (without any equipment): 65 kg

4. Can the cart be used outdoors as well as indoors?

Yes, the Street Food Cart M is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

5. What are the traction modes available?

A. Push Cart mode: available for all cart models, it involves manually maneuvering and moving the cart via an ergonomic handlebar.

B. E-bike Trailer mode: each of our carts comes with a traction arm and a hitch mechanism which can be connected to an electric bicycle’s saddle for easy towing. We do not recommend this option if the total weight (cart plus equipment) is greater than 200 kgs.

6. Could I opt for a custom cart color?

 Our standard models already in stock, and with faster delivery, are painted in black or white specifically to allow custom branding with decals.

1. Will I need help to unload the Basic Vending Cart ?

The fully assembled cart requires a forklift to be unloaded.


2. Is it difficult to assemble the Cart?

The Street Food Cart M comes fully assembled and you need to install only the umbrella.

3. How do I connect the Cart to my bike?

Please keep in mind that we only recommend electric bicycles for towing. Connecting the cart to an e-bike it’s easy thanks to its saddle hitch mechanism. You can watch video instructions here.

4. What do I need to consider if I’m planning to use the cart for a street food setup?

To prepare and use the Basic Vending Cart for a street food setup, you need to consider the following:

A. Where are you planning to use the cart – outdoor or indoor – in order to determine its source of energy (on or off grid);

B. Equipment dimensions and its energy use, for both electric and gas.

C. Size and storage: would an L-sized cart be enough or would the XL version / a food bike with trailer be better suited to your needs?

5. Would I be able to install the countertop and interior equipment by myself?

Yes; in order to do this, you would have to:

–  drill mounting holes in the countertop to firmly secure the equipment in place (in case you’re planning to move the cart with all the equipment on it

Alternatively, we could drill the holes for you on a cnc laser machine. 

6. How many appliances is it possible to install on the countertop?

To determine the number and the type of appliances that can be installed on the cart’s countertop, you first have to consider its dimensions. For the Basic Vending Cart L, the dimensions are 1000L x 600W cm (393.7L x 236.2W inch), with the folding roof poles being the limit within which the equipment must fit on the counter. 

7. Is it possible to install a sink / warm water sink?

Our Gn ¼ sink kits are:

– 12V sink kit (only works on 12V while connected to a 12V battery installed inside the cart);
– 12V – 220V – 110V (wich works on both 12V as well as connected to 220V / 110V in the US);
– 12V water heater with a 6L water tank for hot water sink.

* each kit can include 20L/10L fresh & waste water tanks.

8. Is it possible to equip the cart with one or more fridges?

No, this option is available only for the Cart L.

9. Is it possible to outfit the cart with a LED lighting system?

No, this option is available only for the Cart L.

10. What type of electrical system would be most suited for my cart?

Depending on your requirements, we can equip the cart with the following:

A. Off-grid electrical system, 100% energy independent (12V electrical system with battery, 100W solar panel and 220V / 110V power supply system, plus gas system for grill, crepe, espresso machines etc.);
B. 220V / 110V (US) on-grid electrical system. 

1. What payment options do I have?

After receiving the proforma invoice, you can pay by card using payment system or by bank transfer. 

2. What is the manufacturing time for the Basic Vending Cart?

If the cart is not in stock, the manufacturing time can be up to 30 days.

3. How long does the delivery take?

Europe (by road to your door): between 5 to 7 days

USA (by sea to your door): between 40 to 60 days

4. What is the delivery cost?

Europe: EUR 450

5. How does the warranty work?

In case of parts damage or failure covered by our EU-compliant warranty policy, we will ship you the replacement parts and we will provide you with all the necessary technical support.

6. How fast can a warranty issue be solved?

Generally, we aim to solve all warranty issues in 3 to 5 working days.

What Our Customers Say

“I ordered a pull behind kiosk (a basic vending cart) for my bike rental business and I love it. The team was very nice to work with and I trust their products.”

Mark Anthony,
Pedego Electric Bikes

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help, the bike looks even better than I thought it would! When I first came up with the idea of the catering bicycle – it looks just how I imagined it to, so again, thank you. You and your team have done an amazing job. All the best.”

James Williamson, 

“The cart is really looking great! Nice job. We are looking forward to trying it out.”

Daniel Schmidt,

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