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Crepe Cart

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• Fully equipped
• 2 traction modes
• Outdoor use
• Custom graphics & colors

• Optional features available
• Made in EU
• 2 years warranty
• Worldwide delivery!

• Fully equipped
• 2 traction modes
• Outdoor use
• Custom graphics & colors

• Optional features available
• Made in EU
• 2 years warranty
• Worldwide delivery!

Best mobile crepe cart on wheels

Make It Energy Independent!

Opt for a Solar Panel Kit and get minimum 12 hours of energy autonomy for your cart.

A Crêperie On Wheels

Fully Equipped. Fully Functional. Ready to Use.

Bizz On Wheels crepe cart perspective view

Folding roof


Robust steel covered body


Motorcycle wheels


3rd wheel for stationary mode

Ultra Mobility All Around the City

Easy to Maneuver. Easy to Tow.



Electric crepe bike

Included Features

Your Crepe Cart comes with:

Basic Food Cart body
Robust frame – up to 150kg load
Folding roof
Stainless steel food grade countertop
• Sink kit (sink, tap, 20L fresh & waste water tanks)
• Krampouz double crepes machine with 2 x 400m plates (Gas / LPG)
• Lateral folding countertop extensions with 4 food pans  for ingredients, cold mix pan and spatula support
• 41L 220V fridge (fitted inside the cart)

• GAS / LPG kit for connecting gas-powered equipment to gas tank
• 2 interior storage compartments
• 1 exterior storage compartments

• Push cart handlebar
• Electrostatic paint

Optional Features

Equip your Crepe Cart with:

Countertop LED lighting system
• 100W solar system (solar panel, controller, 12V – 220V battery, support and connections)
• 220V interior socket (to connect the cart to a power outlet)

E-Mobility Kit (electric wheel)
Integrated electric trike
500L extra storage trailer
Branding (printed decals)

  • Countertop LED Lights

  • Solar Panel Kit

  • E-mobility Kit (electric wheel)

  • Cargo Trailer

Workspace & Storage

By design, the Crepe Cart’s countertop layout and interior storage are optimized for an efficient and intuitive workflow.

Countertop Layout

Mobile crepe cart countertop equipment

Folding countertop extensions with food pans


Food-grade stainless steel countertop


Sink and water tap


Krampouz double crepe maker


Folding countertop extensions with food pan and spatula holder

Interior Storage

Crepe cart interior storage space

20L fresh & waste water tanks


41L fridge compartment


62L x 36W x 20H cm shelf


62L x 36W x 20H cm shelf


66L x 32W x 30H exterior compartment

How To

Watch the videos below and see how to use and make the most out of your Crepe Cart!


Countertop Dimensions

Crepe cart countertop dimensions

Print Area Dimensions

Shipping Info

Please note that due to international regulations, we cannot ship cart batteries by air or by sea.


Here are all the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the lifetime of a Bizz On Wheels cart? 

Our carts are designed to last for a minimum of 5 years of daily use.

2. What is the Crepe Cart made of?

All of our carts are made of the following materials:
Body: 18mm plywood covered in powder coated steel;
Countertop: plywood covered in food-grade stainless steel;
Chassis: steel.

Optionally, the carts can be made 100% out of steel.

3. What is the total weight of the Crepe Cart?

Without equipment (Basic Cart L body): 175kg
With equipment (crepe maker, gas tank, fridge, full fresh water tank): 260kg

4. What is the storage capacity of the Crepe Cart?

Right side interior: two shelves of 62L x 36W x 20H cm (24.4L x 14.1W x 7.9H inches)

Right side exterior compartment: 66L x 32W x 30H cm (26L x 12.6W x 11.8H inches)

Left side: full with 41 liter fridge

Left side exterior compartment: full with water tanks.

5. Does the cart have special compartments for ingredients / toppings?

The Crepe Cart’s workspace is complemented by two lateral folding extensions outfitted with 4 GN 1/6 food pans for ingredients, toppings and spices, 1 GN 1/3 for crepe mix, and a crepe spreader holder.

6. Is it possible to get more storage space?

To supplement the existing storage space, you could opt for an additional storage trailer or a different food bike setup.

7. Can the Crepe Cart be used indoors?

The Crepe Cart is equipped with a gas crepe maker which makes it unsuitable for indoor use. As an alternative, we can equip the cart with an electric crepe maker, at a different cost.

8. Is the cart suitable for the US market & regulations?

The Crepe Carts destined for our US customers come with crepe makers outfitted with specially adapted gas nozzles. In addition, their electrical systems include a 110 – 220V inverter for the fridge.

9. What are the traction modes available?

A. Push Cart mode: available for all cart models, it involves manually maneuvering and moving the cart via an ergonomic handlebar.

B. E-mobility Kit: an innovative system consisting of electric wheel, battery, brake and acceleration, with a range of 20 km., enabling the effortless maneuvering of the cart .

C. Electric Trike mode: a cart-integrated electric trike, equipped with high-performance Oli motor, latest generation steering system, and hydraulic brakes for effortless movement. The electric trike’s range is 30 kms. (with a single battery).

10. How can I safely transport the Crepe Cart over long distances?

Best solution for this would be a van or a car trailer; both would require an aluminum loading ramp.

11. Can the Crepe Cart be left outside in the rain?

Even though are carts are resilient, due to equipment and electrical circuits we strongly recommend that you store the cart indoors when not in use.

12. Could I opt for a custom cart color?

We can paint the cart in any desired color, however, this will increase the manufacturing time with up to 30 days. Our standard models already in stock, and with faster delivery, are painted in black or white specifically to allow custom branding with decals – which is our recommended option.

13. Is there a Crepe Cart presentation video?

Yes, you can see it here.

1. Will I need help to unload the Crepe Cart ?

The fully assembled cart requires a forklift to be unloaded. For your convenience, you can opt for a tail lift van while placing your order. In this case, a pallet truck (pallet jack) is required.

2. What does the sink kit include?

For EU: GN ¼ sink, 12V water pump, 20L fresh & waste water tanks.

Optionally for US: GN ¼ sink, 12V water pump, 47L fresh water tank, 55L waste water tank (only for XL cart version).

Optionally, the XL cart version can also be fitted with a 12V water heater and a 6L water tank for a hot water sink.

3. What type of crepe maker is the Crepe Cart equipped with?

The standard Crepe Cart models come outfitted with Krampouz gas double crêpe maker – CSCS8MA-KR, energy: gas; power: 2 x 5000W; size: 86 × 48.5 × 20 cm; weight 35 kg; crepe diameter: ø 40 cm.

4. Could I opt for a different type of equipment?

Should you need or opt for a different type of equipment, similar in size, please provide us with the exact model and specs.

5. How can I safely store the crepe mix and other perishables in the cart?

The Crepe Cart comes equipped with a 41L fridge. Should you require more cold storage, we can provide you with an insulated box at an additional cost. Alternatively, you could opt for a Crepe Bike with a refrigerated trailer.

6. How much extra power does the solar panel system provide?

The 100Ah battery can power the cart for at least 8 hours; together with the solar panel kit, this autonomy is increased up to 15-16 hours. The Crepe Cart needs electricity for the water pump, fridge, lights, and its average energy consumption is 60W/hour.

7. Would I be able to charge my phone, tablet or the cash register?

The Crepe Cart is outfitted with a 5V 2-ports USB phone charger.

8. Can additional appliances be installed on the countertop (such as food display, larger fridge, ice cream freezer, crepes machine, grill machine, popcorn maker etc.)?

Only if you opt for a single crepe maker instead of the standard double one.  The countertop layout is designed and optimized to provide the most efficient user experience; any additional equipment can be difficult to install in terms of space and arrangement – please see the section titled Workspace & Storage. 

10. What type of gas tank is required to fuel the Krampouz crepe maker?

A standard 10L gas tank. The tank is meant to be installed in the right side exterior compartment which is outfitted with a metal support for this purpose.

11. How long does a 10L gas tank last?

A minimum of 10 hours, depending on usage.

12. Is it possible to outfit the cart with a LED lighting system?

Yes; alternatively, we can supply or install the LED lighting system for you.

13. Do you have working schemes for the Water system / Electric system / Gas system?

Yes, they are included in the Technical Manual, which you can find here.

15. Do you have an instruction manual ?

Yes, you can find it here. 

1. What payment options do I have?

After receiving the proforma invoice, you can pay by card or by bank transfer. 

2. What is the manufacturing time for the Crepe Cart?

If the cart is not in stock, the manufacturing time can be up to 30 days.

3. How long does the delivery take?

Europe (by road to your door): between 5 to 7 days

USA (by sea to your door): between 40 to 60 days

4. What is the delivery cost?

Fully assembled carts in Europe: EUR 900

5. How does the warranty work?

In case of parts damage or failure covered by our EU-compliant warranty policy, we will ship you the replacement parts and we will provide you with all the necessary technical support.

6. How fast can a warranty issue be solved?

Generally, we aim to solve all warranty issues in 3 to 5 working days.

What Our Customers Say

“I ordered a pull behind kiosk (a basic vending cart) for my bike rental business and I love it. The team was very nice to work with and I trust their products.”

Mark Anthony,
Pedego Electric Bikes

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help, the bike looks even better than I thought it would! When I first came up with the idea of the catering bicycle – it looks just how I imagined it to, so again, thank you. You and your team have done an amazing job. All the best.”

James Williamson, 

“The cart is really looking great! Nice job. We are looking forward to trying it out.”

Daniel Schmidt,

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