Basic Vending Cart S

Designed to Fit in

The smallest of our range, the Basic Cart S is also the most budget-friendly vending cart on the market.

Designed to fit compact spaces – and budgets – the cart is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, and it can be easily towed by a bicycle from one selling point to another.

The off-the-shelf version can be used as a mobile shop or as a sampling counter in marketing campaigns.

Customized, the Basic Vending Cart S can serve any purpose one can think of thanks to our wide selection of add-ons and accessories.

Small vending cart manufactured by Bizz On Wheels

Bike Tow-able

The Basic Cart S can be connected to and towed by any ebike thanks to our patent-pending universal saddle hitch system.

Bicycle towable small vendor cart

One Small Cart, Many Possibilities

With the right equipment, the Basic Cart S can be transformed into a neat ready to use street food cart. You can choose an already existing layout – for vending, coffee or crepe making – or you can go for a custom configuration better suited to your needs.

Basic Vending Cart S Features

The Basic Vending Cart S features a food-grade stainless steel countertop, six interior storage compartments and two open storage spaces (one on each side of the cart).

The cart is available in two colour schemes, black or white, and can be branded with custom graphics either by us or by the end user.

Technology Makes Things Possible. Smart Design Makes Them Easy

How do you fit everything you have in mind within a compact steel frame? By thinking outside the box. Each of our carts combines the best of technology with smart design solutions to provide you with all the features you need, and more.

Small street food vending cart by Bizz On Wheels

Detachable umbrella


Food-grade stainless steel countertop


Ergonomic handlebar


Interior storage compartments

Small street vending cart towable by bicycle

Locking system with key


Saddle hitch system


Third wheel for push cart or stationary mode


20 inches bicycle wheels

Customizable Countertop

Designed for a smooth and user-friendly work experience, the countertop can also be customized to suit your preferences. You can opt for a food-grade stainless steel finish with a modern appeal or choose a polished wood surface for a classic look.

Interior Storage

To maximize storage capacity, the cart’s interior is divided into four compartments, providing the necessary space for supplies and equipment.

Small food vending cart with interior storage

Optional Features

Our extensive range of add-ons includes:

Sink kit (sink and water tap, 12V water pump, 12V 45Ah battery, 20L fresh & waste water tanks) • Waste disposal area • 12V or 120/220V fridge • Insulated polystyrene cold storage boxes • GPS • any other option required

Compact & Practical

Perfectly Sized

The Basic Vending Cart S was designed to fit small spaces and tight budgets. Its well-proportioned frame makes it ideal for sampling & events, while its attractive price is perfect for first-time business owners and entrepreneurs.

Ready to Use

Off-the-shelf or customized, the Basic Cart S is ready to use the moment you receive it. And thanks to our patent-pending universal saddle hitch mechanism, the cart can be connected to and towed by any bike, making it easy to move from one location to another.

Small white food vending cart by Bizz On Wheels

Basic Vending Cart S Specs

Hand-built in our modern EU factory, the Basic Vending Cart is made of highest quality materials using cutting edge manufacturing techniques.


Steel frame • Stainless steel wrapped body, sandblasted and powder coated for maximum protection and resistance • Food-grade stainless steel countertop. 

Its two main wheels are made of aluminum alloy and can withstand weights of up to 250 kg. The 3rd retractable wheel is designed to be used while stationary or in push cart mode and should be retracted during bicycle towing. 

The Basic Cart S comes equipped with a dual traction system which consists of a handlebar (for push cart mode) and a bicycle trailer hitch (for bicycle towing).


Height: 1061 mm
Width: 930 mm
Length: 1315 mm
Weight: 90 kg
Countertop dimensions: 1003 mm x 653 mm


USA and Worldwide:
delivery by air
(3-7 business days)

USA and Worldwide
delivery by sea

(14-65 days port-to-port)

Mainland Europe:
delivery by road
(3-5 business days)

What Our Customers Say

“I ordered a pull behind kiosk (a basic vending cart) for my bike rental business and I love it. The team was very nice to work with and I trust their products.”

Mark Anthony,
Pedego Electric Bikes

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help, the bike looks even better than I thought it would! When I first came up with the idea of the catering bicycle – it looks just how I imagined it to, so again, thank you. You and your team have done an amazing job. All the best.”

James Williamson, 

“The cart is really looking great! Nice job. We are looking forward to trying it out.”

Daniel Schmidt,