Vending Cart L

Elevate your vending experience with our cutting-edge Vending Cart, specially designed for entrepreneurs looking to sell and promote a variety of products without the need for specialized cooking equipment or a sink. This versatile cart features a sleek, simple stainless steel countertop, offering a professional and durable platform for your business, whether you’re selling packaged goods, handcrafted items, or anything in between.

Stainless Steel Countertop: Crafted with quality and simplicity in mind.
Indoor and Outdoor Versatility: Designed to thrive in any environment, this cart is as efficient indoors as it is outdoors.
Dual-Mode Operation: Utilize it as a push cart for easy navigation through pedestrian-friendly areas or convert it into a mobile shop on wheels, capable of being trailed by an eBike.
Low Maintenance, High Durability: The cnc machined steel and plywood construction ensures that your vending cart remains in top condition, facing outdoor elements and daily use with ease.
Interior and exterior storage
Foldable roof composed from 3 parts.
Made in EU
2 years warranty
Worldwide delivery!


VAT not included

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