Street Food Cart L

Welcome to the next level of street food vending with our innovative Street Food Cart – the ultimate solution for dynamic entrepreneurs and culinary enthusiasts looking to bring their delicious creations to the streets.

Adaptable to your needs: Our Street Food Cart is engineered to support both gas and electric cooking machines offering unparalleled flexibility.
Stainless Steel Countertop: Crafted with quality and simplicity in mind with with built-in holes for cables and hoses, sink with cold water.
Indoor and Outdoor Versatility: Designed to thrive in any environment, this cart is as efficient indoors as it is outdoors.
Dual-Mode Operation: Utilize it as a push cart for easy navigation through pedestrian-friendly areas or convert it into a mobile shop on wheels, capable of being trailed by an eBike.
Low Maintenance, High Durability: The cnc machined steel and plywood construction ensures that your street food cart remains in top condition, facing outdoor elements and daily use with ease.
Street food setup: Sink with water pump and 2 x 20 liter watertanks, 220-110V electric system to plugin the electrical equipment.
Expandable countertops with 8 GN 1/6 trays.
Interior and exterior storage
Foldable roof composed from 3 parts.
Made in EU
2 years warranty
Worldwide delivery!


VAT not included

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