AdBicy S

Impactful Outdoor Advertising 

Compact and perfectly balanced, AdBicy S is the one wheel, one size version of AdBicy L & AdBicy M. Its small and lightweight frame allows it to navigate with ease through narrow lanes and crowded areas, while its very affordable price makes it perfect for budget-conscious advertisers.

In 2014, AdBicy was awarded the Gold Medal with the jury’s congratulations at the 42nd edition of Geneva’s International Exhibition of Inventions for its innovative and practical design. Since then, it was sold in more than 70 countries worldwide, being used by household brands such as Orange, Vodafone, Marks & Spencer, Lidl, Tesco, Pepsi, Heineken, Burger King, Nike, Garmin, GoPro, Intersport, etc.

Why Choose AdBicy?

  • Better Targeting

    Mobile billboard advertising gives you the opportunity to fine-tune your targeting using a powerful mix of location, demographics, peak times and behaviour, unlike static billboards, TV or print. With people spending an average of 70% of their time out of home – commuting, shopping or relaxing – an AdBicy campaign is guaranteed to deliver a huge reach with superior ROI while yielding the cheapest CPM in the industry. Advertise better, spend less!

  • More Exposure

    An AdBicy can’t be switched off nor it is bound to one specific context or location. By design, it can reach places inaccessible to other advertising media and far from any rival campaigns. This means more visibility and less competition when it comes to getting your message across. Furthermore, its modular design with up to nine unique formats allows plenty of room for creativity, so you can truly stand out and make a long-lasting impression.

  • Total Control

    With an AdBicy mobile billboard you only have to pay once to advertise forever. You also get to decide the where, the when and the who, giving you total control over your advertising campaign and its incurring costs. You can even track and adjust AdBicy’s course in real time to maximize impact and visibility. Not to mention, its flexible format and easy set up allow you to change your creative faster and with lower costs compared to other media. 

AdBicy mobile billboards

AdBicy S – One Small Frame, One BIG Superpower

AdBicy S’ format is also its superpower. Trading size for shrewdness, its frame is specially designed to be small, thin and lightweight while flaunting the ability to make itself seen. This gives AdBicy S the superpower to navigate with ease through the narrowest of lanes and the most crowded areas to deliver your message in the most effective manner.

AdBicy S – Default Configuration

AdBicy S bicycle billboard frame

Banner size: 610 x 990 mm

Set Up & Go

Simple to Set Up

AdBicy is designed to be assembled and dismantled swiftly in a matter of minutes, regardless of the format you choose or your DIY skills. The kit comes with everything you need to put it together, including three hex keys, so the only thing you’ll need is your creative ad.

Easy to Use

When not assembled, AdBicy’s modular frame takes just as much space as a medium size duffle bag, making it easy to be carried between locations or put away for storage. And thanks to our patent-pending universal saddle hitch mechanism, AdBicy can be connected to and trailed by any bike.


The Advertising Kit

AdBicy S Kit

The AdBicy S Kit includes the AdBicy S mobile billboard and a hex key, neatly packed for easy assembling.

AdBicy S billboard advertising kit

AdBicy S Features & Specs

Engineered to perfection, AdBicy S is built to be efficient, practical and durable. Its modular aluminum frame is powder coated for maximum protection and resistance and reinforced with hardox steel joints. AdBicy can be connected to and towed by any bicycle thanks to our patent-pending universal saddle hitch system. 

Recommended banner material: double sided blackout vinyl
Standard format banner dimensions: 610 mm x 990 mm

Weight: 15 kg

AdBicy S billboard modular frame

Modular aluminium frame powder-coated for maximum protection and resistance


Hardox steel joints


Patent-pending universal saddle hitch system


20 inches bicycle wheels


Wheel cover

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What Our Customers Say

“Great product engineering and brilliant design. The billboard itself is very easy to use and the various layouts are quite an added bonus, they come in handy for creating original campaigns. I’ve bought ten so far for my media agency and planning to acquire more in the near future.”

Jacques Meunier

“A few years ago, when I saw Bizz On Wheels products at a fair in Dusseldorf, I was certain that AdBicy was going to be the product that I had to distribute for Belgium, and now for France. Bizzonwheels products are innovative and original, as are all customers who use it. As a reseller, I have never had negative feedback from my customers. I’m not ready to stop selling AdBicys anytime soon.”

Patrick Marloye – Pli Design (AdBicy reseller)

“It is a very well engineered and machined product overall. It assembles and pulls nicely. The quality of the product and design makes me a strong advocate of the company. I am very happy.”

Ben Snyder,