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Bicycle billboard advertising

In this world that is evolving so fast, where every product is being upgraded, where news are spreading worldwide in real time, we sometimes need to take some time and go back to basics in every field, in order to organize our thoughts and gain natural balance.

The field of Advertising, which has been materialized in the past century is evolving very fast, quite everything is Marketing and, moreover, has been taken online. Don’t you think it’s time to take Advertising back to basics as well?

What if we told you it’s possible to gain full engagement of your potential customers through an easy and playful mean of advertising offline, at very reasonable prices?

AdBicy® and AdTrailer® are the answer to all your advertising needs, by offering a full option and multifunctional package of promoting ways in one step. Your ad will be delivered in real time to real clients, by drawing their full attention in a cheerful manner.

The impact of an eco-friendly advertising campaign in motion is way higher than traditional offline advertising on billboards, buildings, buses, pillars etc. thanks to the innovative product : a promo bike trailer that switches from pedal power to pedestrian power! This will definitely capture the attention of busy people who would normally ignore an ad on a billboard.

The fact that the promo bike trailer will be conducted by a person through crowded pedestrian areas is a big plus to any advertising campaign. Not only all types and ages of potential customers will be definitely targeted, but the impact of your ad carried away on an environmental friendly mean of transportation through bike advertising.

Clients nowadays are aware of the way advertising is made; most people you intend selling your products to have a Facebook account, which means they are always interacting with advertising and promotions, whether we are talking about real ads or personal branding. This means they can’t be convinced easily through a simple billboard, as they could have been decades ago.

People are seeing so many ads, online and offline, that they tend to ignore 80% of the messages which are being promoted. This means that the easiest way of getting your message received by the target audience consists in the way of promoting it.

Bike Advertising in motion not only will capture full attention of your target audience, but it will also make a positive impression about the eco-friendly choice of advertising.