Small Coffee Stand


This indoor coffee stand comes fitted with a stainless steel countertop, a water sink and a knockbox.


  • 100/60/75 cm
  • 45 kg

Coffee machine not included.

* VAT not included* Shipping fee not included
* Manufacturing time 5 - 20 days* 5-7 days delivery time in European Union mainland
* Espresso machine not included*Graphics not included

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Small Coffee Stand for Sale – For Offices

This small coffee stand is the perfect solution for companies that want a professional coffee station in their own office.

The stand can be fitted with an espresso machine and a high-quality coffee grinder, turning any person who is using it into an experienced barista. In order to enjoy a specialty coffee, this must be brewed according to a well-established process, using professional equipment and respecting the basic rules of extracting coffee in perfect conditions.

We are able to make this happen in your own office so you can savour a perfectly-made cappuccino every single day, either by yourself or with your colleagues.

Small Coffee Stand for Sale – for Entrepreneurs

If you are thinking about launching your own mobile coffee business, this is the most perfect and affordable tool to start with. The stand can be connected to any kind of socket, has two water tanks for clean and waste water, and can be equipped with almost any type of coffee machine with single or double-serve capacity.

It is also fitted with a sink and a knockbox and, optionally, we can fit it with a litter washer.

This small coffee stand is the best investment on the market, at the moment. You will be able to amortize your investment after only 400 sold coffees, making this coffee stand the first one in the world that can be amortized in less than 5 days.

Therefore, we are now offering you the chance to minimize the risks to zero and begin a business that will make your profits in just 6 days. It is truly an unique offer and an amazing business idea.

Either you are an experienced barista or you want to become one, now you have all the means to begin a no-risk mobile coffee business.