Premium Coffee Cart


Our premium coffee cart comes with:

  • dual fuel one lever Fracino coffee machine
  • coffee grinder
  • knockbox
  • folding countertop
  • automated water system (sink, pump, reservoirs, battery)
  • solar panel
  • and more!

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* Manufacturing time: 15 - 30 days* Battery NOT included when shipped by air
* Electric bicycle not included

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Our premium coffee cart for sale is an energy-independent café on wheels that can be hauled in two ways: attached behind a bicycle or manually, as a push cart.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the cart is equipped with everything you need for a ready-to-go café on wheels:

– a dual fuel, one lever Fracino coffee machine
– coffee grinder and knockbox
– automated water supply system (sink, water pump and reservoirs)
– energy-efficient electrical system (solar panel and battery)
– folding countertop

The cart also includes six interior storage compartments, two exterior storage compartments (one on each side of the cart) and can be outfitted, on request, with any add-ons you might need.

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