Ice Cream & Gelato Cart with Pozzetti Counter


Ice Cream & Gelato Cart with Pozzetti Counter.
Features and Specifications:

  • Steel frame and body
  • Aluminum roof frame
  • Stainless Steel Countertop
  • Pozzetti gelato & ice cream drop-in system with 6 tubs and ventilated refrigeration (forced-air cooling)
  • Sink kit
  • 10L fresh & waste water tanks 
  • 2 interior storage compartments 
  • Double alloy chopper e-bike wheels 
  • Third wheel for push cart / stationary mode
  • Dual traction mode: push cart / bicycle-towed

*Please note that the battery is NOT included when shipped by air due to flight safety regulations.

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Modern technology meets the Italian flair in this highly efficient Ice Cream & Gelato Cart.

Designed for long-lasting performance and engineered to perfection, the cart is is outfitted with all the necessary equipment for a ready-to-use gelato parlour on wheels, including a Pozzetti gelato counter with a six tub drop-in system.

The Ice Cream & Gelato Cart can be operated with ease virtually everywhere, from outdoor locations such as vibrant neighbourhoods and lively parks to indoor spaces such as private venues and commercial establishments.

It can be used as a mobile gelato shop or set up as a stationary gelato stand in a permanent location. By pairing it with an electric bicycle, such as our Electric Chopper, the cart becomes a Gelato Bike, ready to take on the most popular spots in town.

Stylish yet hard-wearing and practical, the Ice Cream & Gelato Cart is the perfect solution for gelato parlours seeking to expand their serving facilities, as well as for cafés, restaurants and hotels that want to add a gelato counter on their premises.

Its perfect size, storage capacity and ease of use also make it ideal for catering to private functions, large-scale events and everything in between.

Standard Features

With a steel body and an aluminum roof frame, the Ice Cream & Gelato Cart features a food-grade stainless steel countertop, two interior storage compartments and two custom Electric Chopper Bike wheels.

The cart’s casing components are designed to be easily removable, allowing a fast and effortless access to its equipment, motor and electrical parts.

The standard model comes equipped with a sink kit and a Pozzetti gelato counter with 6 stainless steel tubs and ventilated refrigeration (forced-air cooling). 

Optionally, the cart can be outfitted with a glycol cooling system, which requires access to a 220V energy source, and an energy independent power kit (150W – 300W solar panel and electrical system), which can provide it with an autonomy of up to 16 hours per day.

The cart is available in two colour schemes, black or white, and can be branded with custom graphics either by us or by the end user.

Optional Features

Our extensive range of add-ons includes:

Countertop LED lights • Solar panel • Electrical system kit (12V 100Ah battery, pure sine battery inverter, battery charger, external socket, electrical connection board) • GPS • Electric Chopper Bicycle • Custom colors • Custom branding • Any other option required


Height: 1600 mm – 2100 mm (depending on retractable roof height)
Width: 1070 mm
Length: 1725 mm
Weight: 160 kg