Fat Tire Electric Bike & Adbike Trailer

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This advertising bike kit includes an electric fat tire bicycle and a mobile billboard (the AdBike Trailer).

Fitted with fat tires, the electric bike provides excellent stability and traction on off-road trails, sand, snow and mud, allowing you to advertise in even the most inaccessible locations.

The bike has a 60 km range.

By ordering these two products as a kit you get a 28% discount.

Out of stock

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Have you ever thought of advertising your business in a unique way at festivals and events organized in less accessible areas? With the Fat Tire Electric Bike & Adbike Trailer kit you can!

The bike’s fat wheels provide excellent grip on any kind of terrain, even on snow, sand or mud. Its 250 W electric motor allows you to take on the steepest slopes with little to no effort from your part.

This promobike kit is ideal for advertising your business at mountain sports events and beach festivals.

*This product is protected by an international patent


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