Electric Vending Trike


Manufacturing this model will resume in 2020.

An electric vending trike with a multi-functional design. It can be easily adapted for selling coffee, smoothies, snacks, or any other kind of product you can think of. The trike is also suitable for marketing and sampling campaigns.

The standard model includes:

  • Electric tricycle
  • Wooden countertop
  • Storage box with lock
  • Folding roof with adjustable height
Delivery price to EU: 490 EuroPrices are without VAT
Manufacturing time: 10-15 daysDelivery time to EU: 5-7 days

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Electric Vending Trike Specifications

This electric vending trike is designed to be an efficient vending tool, and thanks to its 250 W motor it can easily navigate areas with pedestrian traffic such as parks, squares, stadiums, university campuses etc.


  • Countertop dimensions: 740 x 1000 mm
  • Storage box dimensions: 643 x 897 x 615 mm
  • Storage box door dimensions: 330 x 500 mm
  • Weight: 160 Kg



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