Electric Tricycle & AdBicy

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The Electric Tricycle & AdBicy kit includes an electric tricycle and an AdBicy mobile billboard.

The electric tricycle is equipped with a rear basket and has a 50 km range, enabling you to advertise and run product sampling campaigns at the same time. Its 3rd wheel provides excellent stability while riding.

By ordering this promobike kit, you get a 28% discount.

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The Electric Tricycle & AdBicy special offer packs all of your favourite advertising bike features into one convenient outdoor advertising kit.

Very stable and easy to steer, the electric tricycle is equipped with a 250 W Brushless DC motor, and has a 40 to 60 km range.

The rear basket allows the promoter to carry product samples, catalogues and leaflets, while creating brand awareness with the help of our gold-awarded AdBicy billboard.

This advertising bike pack is ideal for starting entrepreneurs who are looking for low-cost business ideas and for business owners who want to advertise their business in an efficient, eco-friendly and impactful manner.

*This product is protected by an international patent


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