Crepes Stand


Handcrafted in EU, this Crepes Stand:

  • is made entirely out of steel;
  • has a 5 mm (0.2 inch) powder coated steel frame;
  • is fitted with a food grade stainless steel countertop;
  • has 4 interior storage compartments;
  • comes equipped with 3 crepe makers;
  • has a GN 1/3 crepes mix cooling container and 6 GN 1/9 ingredients containers;
  • includes an automated water system (GN 1/2 stainless steel sink, 12V water pump, 12V – 40Ah battery, 2 x 20 litre water containers for clean and waste water).


  • stand height (with retractable top/roof): 2311 mm (91 inches)
  • body height: 1026 mm (40 inches)
  • length: 2500 mm (98.5 inches)
  • width: 703 mm (28 inches)

24 months warranty. Unlimited configurations.

* Prices are without VAT.* Manufacturing time: 15-20 days
* Shipping fee not included* Branding and graphics not included

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Do you have a favorite crepes recipes? Now you can share it with the whole world anywhere you could think of: outdoors, at festivals and events, at private parties and special celebrations.

Larger than a crepes cart and infinitely more versatile than a conventional brick’n mortar bistro, this crepes stand is a veritable creperie on wheels.

Equipped with three professional hot plates, it allows you to delight flavor-seeking customers for hours on end thanks to its LPG system and its battery powered cooler.

The crepes stand can be customized and equipped, at your request, with add-ons such as:

  • retractable and folding roof with brand signage;
  • branded outdoor tent;
  • countertop lights;
  • volumetric letters / brand signage (can be fitted on the stand’s body);
  • 220V electric crepe makers
  • solar-powered or 220V electric fridge
  • solar panels;
  • 12v-100Ah solar battery;
  • cash drawer;
  • any other add-on you can think of.

Questions? We’d love to answer them. Just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as quick as you say CREPE!



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