Crepe Cart with Double Krampouz Crepe Maker


This is our newest crepe cart for sale. It’s 100% energy independent and comes with:

  • Double Krampouz crepe machine
  • automated water system
  • laser-cut stainless steel countertop
  • built-in cooled container for crepe mixture
  • 4 stainless steel containers for ingredients
  • 4-6 storage spaces

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* VAT not included* Shipping fee not included
* Manufacturing time: 15 - 30 days* Battery NOT included when shipped by air
* Electric bicycle not included

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Our newest crepe cart for sale is a veritable creperie on wheels . Its compact size and maneuverability allows the owner to set up shop in places inaccessible to competitors and other types of businesses.

Equipped with a double Krampouz crepe maker – well known for its quality, reliability and easy maintenance –  the cart is 100% energy independent.

Made of electrostatically painted steel, the cart’s body can be branded on request. Its countertop is made of food grade laser cut stainless steel, in full compliance with the food safety requirements for street food vending carts.

Optionally, the crepe cart can be fitted with an external or built-in fridge, countertop led lights, or printed graphics.

Weight: 145 Kg

Shipping Cost: 600 euro in Europe by road (3-5 days delivery time)

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