Coffee Stand


Handcrafted in EU, this Coffee Stand:

  • is made entirely out of steel;
  • has a 5 mm (0.2 inch) powder coated steel frame;
  • is fitted with a food grade stainless steel countertop;
  • has 4 interior storage compartments;
  • comes with an integrated sink and a stainless steel GN1/6 knock box;
  • includes an automated water system (GN 1/2 stainless steel sink, 12V water pump, 12V – 40Ah battery, 2 x 20 litre water containers for clean and waste water).


  • stand height (with retractable top/roof): 2311 mm (91 inches)
  • body height: 1026 mm (40 inches)
  • length: 2500 mm (98.5 inches)
  • width: 703 mm (28 inches)

24 months warranty. Unlimited configurations.

* Prices are without VAT.* Manufacturing time: 15-20 days
* Shipping fee not included* Branding and graphics not included
* Espresso machine not included

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Spacious, mobile and fully customizable, this coffee stand is a veritable café on wheels, perfect for outdoor locations, large indoor venues, festivals and events.

Designed with skillful baristas in mind, the stand can be equipped with a professional 2 to 4 group espresso coffee machine, allowing you to prepare up to 2 espressos per minute.

And because we know that true professionals deserve the very best, every single one of our coffee stands is handcrafted in our EU factory using the highest quality materials and top notch finishes.

The coffee stand can be customized and equipped, at your request, with add-ons such as:

  • retractable and folding roof with brand signage;
  • branded outdoor tent;
  • countertop lights;
  • volumetric letters / brand signage (can be fitted on the stand’s body);
  • solar panels;
  • 12v-100Ah solar battery;
  • solar-powered professional coffee maker;
  • 220V electric professional coffee maker;
  • cash drawer;
  • any other add-on you can think of.

Questions? We’d love to answer them. Just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as quick as you’d say PRESTO!


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