Electric Coffee Bike with 3 Wheels

A professional electric coffee trike, equipped with a single group, lever-operated Astoria Gloria espresso machine.
The machine is Dual Fuel, meaning it runs on LPG as well as electricity.

The standard model includes:

  • Electric tricycle
  • Wooden countertop
  • Astoria Gloria espresso machine with LPG kit and water pump included
  • Storage box with lock
  • Folding roof with adjustable height
  • Knock box
Delivery price to EU: 490 EuroManufacturing time: 10-20 days
Delivery time to EU: 5-7 days

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Electric Coffee Bike Specifications

Our electric coffee bike is one of the most professional kits for preparing and selling coffee-to-go, meeting the expectations of even the most exigent barista. It is equipped with an Astoria Gloria espresso machine, a brand known for its longevity and the ability to produce exceptional coffee based beverages.

The trike is sturdy and stable yet easy to ride and steer thanks to its 250 W motor which pulls the weight of the coffee machine (45 kilos) effortlessly and without a hitch.


  • Countertop dimensions: 740 x 1000 mm
  • Storage box dimensions: 643 x 897 x 615 mm
  • Storage box door dimensions: 330 x 500 mm
  • Weight: 160 Kg

For full functionality, the coffee trike needs to be equipped with:

  • A 12V 100Ah battery
  • 1000W inverter
  • 10Ah battery charger
  • Electric grinder
  • Tamper
  • Frothing pitcher
  • Freezer box
  • Water sink kit



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