Bike Food Cart – Basic Kit: Bicycle Vending Cart & Electric Bike

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This Bike Cart kit includes a Bicycle Vending Cart and a BizzeBike – Electric Cruiser Bike.

Bicycle Vending Cart Specifications:

  • food-grade stainless steel (0.8 mm) countertop
  • four interior storage compartments
  • an exterior storage container on each side of the cart
  • aluminum wheels (withstand weights of over 400 kg/882 lbs)

Electric Cruiser Bike Specifications:

  • 250W BAFANG brushless gear hub motor
  • Fat 26” tires
  • 25 km/h max speed
  • 60 km range


* Prices are without VAT.* Electric bicycle is included.
* Manufacturing time: 5-15 days* 5-7 days delivery time in EU

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The Bike Cart Kit: what is it and who is it for?

The Bike Cart kit is a street vending pack that includes the Bicycle Vending Cart and the Electric Cruiser Bike (also known by its code name BizzeBike).

The Bicycle Vending Cart is fitted with a food-grade stainless steel (0.8 mm) countertop.

Its storage space includes four interior compartments and an exterior container on each side of the cart.

The cart’s central wheels are made of aluminum and can withstand weights of over 400 kg (882 lbs). The 3rd retractable wheel is designed to be used while in static or push cart mode and should be retracted during bicycle towing.

Fitted with fat tires and a Harley Davidson-looking motorcycle frame, the Electric Cruiser Bike is far from your ordinary boneshaker, packing twice as much fun and speed at a fraction of the effort.

Its 60 km range, 250 W motor and throttle feature allow you to tow your cart between the best spots in town with little to no effort from your part, making it ideal for ample projects that require extensive coverage.

The Bike Cart kit is ideal for:

  • starting entrepreneurs who are looking for low-cost small business ideas;
  • for business owners who want to expand their existing range of services.

*This product is protected by an international patent


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