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The Adbike Trailer is a mobile billboard with a powder coated modular steel frame.

The billboard is equipped with two 20’’ bicycle wheels fitted 70 cm (7.9”) apart, for an increased degree of stability during use.

It can be connected to any bicycle, regardless of make and model, with the help of a saddle hitch mechanism, specially designed by our engineering team.

Adbike Trailer is delivered in a box that measures 120x50x25 cm (47x20x10’’) and weighs 19 kg (42 lb).

This product is protected by an European patent.

* Prices are without VAT.* EU Mainland shipping fee: 45 Euro
* 5-7 days delivery time in EU* Promotions do not cumulate

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Efficient and competitive, the Adbike Trailer mobile billboard was created for the purpose of growing your business by broadening your marketing & advertising options.

We took AdBicy’s edge and put it into a more affordable frame so you can have the opportunity of reaching as many people and places as possible without overstretching your budget.

This makes the Adbike Trailer ideal for small or large business owners who want to take control over their advertising, and for OOH (out-of-home) advertising agencies which are aiming to expand their range of outdoor advertising services at a scalable cost.

Whatever you need it for, the odds are in your favour.

*This product is protected by an international patent


1. Adbike Trailer technical specifications and parts list. (please click on image to open pdf file).






2. Adbike Trailer dimensions (please click on image to open pdf file).



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