AdBicy “M” Mobile Billboard – Basic Kit


AdBicy is a gold medal awarded mobile billboard created for ultra-efficient outdoor advertising at a convenient cost.

Features and Specifications:

  • modular frame made of aluminum with wear-resistant (hardox) steel joints
  • 3 basic configurations
  • dimensions: 1080mm x 1570mm
  • weight: 19kg
  • can be connected to any bicycle with the help of a saddle hitch mechanism
* 5-7 days delivery time in European Union mainland* VAT not included
* Banner not included* Shipping fee not included
* 24 months guarantee* Wheel covers included

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AdBicy M Mobile Billboard is a medium-size bike billboard with a modular aluminum frame (30mm x 30mm) and hardox steel joints, laser-cut for a perfect fit.

It has a weight of only 19kg and can be connected to any bicycle with the help of a saddle hitch.

For this bicycle advertising trailer we recommend using a double-sided banner made of a blockout material, to allow image printing on both sides.

The AdBicy M Mobile Billboard is an ideal advertising instrument for areas where other outdoor media are restricted, such as markets, pedestrian areas or events.

Colour: Black
Bicycle: not included
VAT: not included in the price
Shipping fee: not included in the price. Can be shipped world-wide. Ask for a quotation HERE.
Banner: not included. Can be printed with any graphics, ask us for a quotation HERE.

Packaging: cardboard box 57x80x20cm / 19kg