AdBicy “L” Mobile Billboard – Basic Kit


AdBicy is a gold medal awarded mobile billboard created for ultra-efficient outdoor advertising at a convenient cost.

Features and Specifications:

  • modular frame made of aluminum with hardox steel joints
  • 5 different configurations
  • dimensions: 1334mm x 1904mm
  • weight: 22kg
  • can be connected to any bicycle with the help of a saddle hitch mechanism
  • package size: 55x55x25cm / 22kg

For printing on both sides, we recommend using a double-sided block out banner.

* 5-7 days delivery time in European Union mainland.* VAT not included
* Banner not included* Shipping fee not included
* 24 months guarantee* Wheel covers included

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The Adbicy mobile billboard is your go-to solution for successful outdoor advertising campaigns.

When we created it in 2011, our intention was to give media agencies and business owners a powerful advertising instrument with the ability to reach people on the move and go where no ad has gone before. Mission accomplished!

But the story gets better: AdBicy’s affordable price and minimal set-up requirements made it an attractive solution not just for companies wanting to advertise more efficiently, but also for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for low-cost small business ideas.

Ever since its launch, we sold thousands of AdBicy all over the world and our customers love it because it’s:

adbicy mobile billboard


Towed by an advertising bike or carried by your brand’s ambassador, AdBicy knows no barriers when it comes to places to go and people to meet. Simply put, it gets the job done wherever that may be:

Are your customers out and about, looking for a nifty place to eat or a product just like yours? Great, the perfect opportunity for your AdBicy bike billboard to meet & greet them!

Has the weather lured them out for a stroll in the local park? Have your AdBicy adwalker say Hello!

What if they’re stuck in the rush hour traffic queues? Then let’s give them an interesting AdBicy mobile billboard to look at!

You get the point: our bicycle mobile billboards are made to take you places, some of them completely inaccessible to regular or other advertising media.

modular mobile billboard


With its 5-in-1 modular design, AdBicy is the only mobile billboard that provides three ready-to-go format options (portrait, landscape, and square), and with the ability to switch between the ad bike mode to the adwalker mode and back in a matter of seconds. Not to brag, but it’s basically the Transformer of all mobile and bicycle advertising billboards.

The only thing that’s missing yet? Your guiding hand.

adbike with electric bikes


The AdBicy mobile billboard can be used all year long, and not just during an outdoor advertising campaign, since its clever design allows it to go from mobile to static as quickly as you’d say “ad”. This pretty much makes Adbicy the best and most efficient banner advertising tool you can put your hands on, and all you have to do to capitalize on its multifunctionality is to create an irresistible all-season ad.

So whether you need a swift ad bike or a friendly adwalker, a static billboard on the street or an advertising billboard on the wall, AdBicy has got you covered.

See the Adbicy in action here!

Some brands that have used AdBicy:



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