NEW! The Electric Cargo Bike Now Available for Sale

Front load electric cargo bike for sale by Bizz On Wheels

Great news! Our newest product – the Electric Cargo Bike – is officially here!

Available in three different models, each with its unique setup and applications, our electric cargo bike for sale features an impressive load capacity and state-of-the-art components, such as 250W Oli Move motors, hydraulic brakes, and steering stabilizers.

What Makes this Electric Cargo Bike Special?

1. Strength, Agility, and Safety

We designed our Cargo E-Bikes with one purpose in mind: to provide businesses and individuals with a reliable and easy to use vehicle perfect for everyday use, be it last mile deliveries or personal applications.

To achieve our purpose, we’re using high-quality materials and components, such as:

  • High-tensile steel for the frame, a material known for its durability and resistance to atmospheric corrosion, tough enough to handle repeated usage and strong enough to carry significant loads;
  • 250W Oli Move, a powerful motor designed to assist and sustain the cyclist’s physical effort from the lowest speed. Note that its maximum speed is automatically limited at 25 km/h, as per the law;
  • Hydraulic disc brakes, which provide more braking power with less force, better braking control in all weather, and all-around better performance;
  • Steering stabilizer, a proprietary mechanism fitted underneath the cargo box for stable and smooth steering.

2. High Load Capacity

All three of our models are front-loader cargo e-bikes, with a load capacity between 450L and 760L and maximum weight of up to 300kg. The e-bikes can also be equipped with a detachable cargo trailer, which provides an extra of 540L in volume.

3. Versatility

Our three-wheeled electric cargo bikes are designed from the get-go to serve a wide variety of purposes and applications, from last mile logistics and local deliveries, to personal use and custom setups.

Electric Cargo Bike for Sale: Our Models

While all of our Electric Cargo Bike models share the same technology, materials and components, they also have different capacities and purposes.


Electric cargo bike with three wheels by Bizz On Wheels
The TR01 Cargo E-Bike comes with a closed front cargo box which offers 760L in volume. The bike itself supports up to 300kg in maximum weight (load + bike + cyclist) and it’s ideal for transporting or delivering cargo that requires protection from the elements, such as parcels, perishables, sensitive goods and equipment etc.

Three wheeled electric cargo bike by Bizz On Wheels


Front load cargo e-bike by Bizz On Wheels
An open case front loader cargo bike, the TR02 was designed for voluminous cargo and goods with irregular shapes that don’t need weatherproofing. This e-bike’s total capacity is 450L in volume and up to 300kg in maximum weight (load + bike + cyclist).

Electric cargo trike with open front case


Platform electric cargo bike by Bizz On Wheels
The TR03 is the most versatile of our range, with a platform that can support unlimited builds. It can be used as a base for custom cargo setups, food bikes and mobile shops.

Electric Cargo Bike Gallery

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