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    Electric Cruiser Bike with AdBicy

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    This is an outdoor advertising kit that includes an electric bicycle (Electric Cruiser Bike) and our gold-awarded mobile billboard (AdBicy).With a 250 W motor and a generous 60km range, this promobike system enables you to carry out your advertising campaigns in a convenient and effective manner, with minimal effort required from your part.By ordering these two products as a kit you get 15% discount off their base price.
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    Electric Tricycle & AdBicy

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    The Electric Tricycle & AdBicy kit includes an electric tricycle and an AdBicy mobile billboard.The electric tricycle is equipped with a rear basket and has a 50 km range, enabling you to advertise and run product sampling campaigns at the same time. Its 3rd wheel provides excellent stability while riding.By ordering this promobike kit, you get a 28% discount.
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    This advertising bike kit includes an electric fat tire bicycle and a mobile billboard (the AdBike Trailer).Fitted with fat tires, the electric bike provides excellent stability and traction on off-road trails, sand, snow and mud, allowing you to advertise in even the most inaccessible locations.The bike has a 60 km range.By ordering these two products as a kit you get a 28% discount.
  • Fat Tire Electric Bike with AdBicy

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    This Adbike package is perfect for advertising in areas with rough terrain, sand and even snow. Equipped with a 250 W motor, the electric bicycle has an official range of 60 kilometres, and its FAT tires provide excellent grip and traction on any kind of road surface.We paired its efficiency and eye catching design with an equally powerful advertising instrument - our award-winning AdBicy, creating an outdoor advertising kit guaranteed to draw the attention of your potential customers.By purchasing these two items together, you get a 30% discount off their base price.
  • Folding Electric Bike & AdBicy

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    This outdoor advertising kit includes a folding electric bike and an AdBicy mobile billboard - the perfect advertising tool for urban environments and areas with intense pedestrian traffic. This is our most versatile adbike kit since both the bike and the billboard are foldable and can be easily transported by car to any location.The bike's impressive 60 km range and 250 W motor allow you to carry out your advertising campaigns in an efficient and effortless manner, while providing the perfect amount of electrical assistance to ease up the miles.
  • This Premium Mobile Billboards Kit includes ten AdBicy mobile billboards.AdBicy Specifications:
    • premium mobile billboard
    • powder coated aluminum and steel frame
    • up to 5 different configurations
    • 20'' bicycle wheels
  • Mobile Billboards Kit: AdBicy L 5-Pack

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