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Coffee bike manufactured by BizzOnWheels

The FIRST in the World

With TWO Traction Modes

BizzOnWheels street vending cart perspective view
Street vending bike by Bizz On Wheels

Vending Bike

Push Cart Mode

BizzOnWheels vending cart in push cart mode

Equipped to Offer YOU
Work Experience

BizzOnWheels premium coffee cart countertop equipment

By Combining the
BEST Technology

Solar panel kit for food carts by BizzOnWheels
BizzOnWheels basic vending cart interior compartments



Stainless steel folding countertop extensions for food carts


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BizzOnWheels worldwide shipping

Immersive Vending Solutions

From pastry to street food, ice cream and refreshing beverages, our food carts are designed to help you grow and promote your business by delivering your products straight to heart of local communities everywhere.

Basic Vending Cart

Designed to Adapt

An all-purpose shop on wheels, this is the most versatile and efficient Vending Cart on the market. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor locations, with a clean design that works in any background, the Basic Cart is a three-in-one business solution for marketing, selling and distribution.

Basic Coffee Cart

Designed for Versatility

Practical and easy to adapt to your needs, this is viewed as the most versatile Coffee Cart on the market. Its versatility allows it to be used in unlimited ways, indoors or outdoors, as a pop-up coffee shop or as a streetwise coffee bike. The Basic Coffee Cart comes with all the amenities of a coffee shop…

Premium Coffee Cart

Designed for Performance

This fully equipped café on wheels is the ultimate coffee cart on the market. Easy to operate thanks to its size and features, the Premium Coffee Cart can be used in unlimited ways, either outdoors or indoors, as a street-smart coffee bike or as a pop-up coffee bar. This makes it ideal for selling coffee …

Ice Cream Cart

Designed to Indulge

Outfitted with all the necessary equipment and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, this ready-to-use ice cream shop on wheels can be operated virtually anywhere, from parks, markets and neighbourhoods buzzing with pedestrian traffic to private and commercial venues.

Pozzetti Gelato Cart

Designed to Delight

Modern technology meets the Italian flair in this highly efficient Ice Cream & Gelato Cart. Designed for long-lasting performance, the cart is is outfitted with all the necessary equipment for a ready-to-use gelato parlour on wheels, including a Pozzetti gelato counter with a six tub drop-in system.

Crepe Cart

Designed to Indulge

Fully equipped and designed for both outdoor and indoor use, the Crepe Cart can be maneuvered as a push cart or set up as a stationary crepe stand in a permanent location. By pairing it with an electric bicycle, the cart becomes a crepe bike, ready to take on new routes and destinations every day.

Hot Dog Cart

Designed to Satisfy

Handbuilt with uttermost performance and flexibility in mind, this is recognised as the most efficient and versatile Hot Dog Cart on the market.
Its perfect size, features and mobility open up a world of opportunities, as they enable the cart to be used just about anywhere, both outdoors and indoors.

BBQ & Grill Cart

Designed to Fulfill

Combining perfect form with dynamic function, the Barbecue & Grill cart has all the key features of an authentic BBQ diner on wheels. Suitable for use in both outdoor locations and indoor venues, the Barbecue & Grill Cart can be operated as a pop-up steak & grill kiosk, as a seasonal street food bike or …

Beverage Cart

Designed to Refresh

Elegant and multifunctional, the Beverage Cart is a mobile bar designed to bring the cool factor to any location. It is suitable for use in both outdoor and indoor locations and it can be used in unlimited ways, from a pop-up refreshment corner to a permanent rooftop bar. Whether it serves wine or lemonade …

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