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Crepes Cart and Crepes Bike

Crepes cart and crepes bike by BizzOnWheels

One Cart, Two Options: Crepes Cart and Crepes Bike

Built with maximum flexibility and versatility in mind, our crepes cart is so much more than your regular street food stand. On its own, it can be maneuvered as a push cart or used as a static crepes stall in permanent or indoor locations. By pairing it with one of our long-range electric bicycles, the cart becomes a crepes bike, ready to take on new routes and destinations every day.

Basically, we chose to create two options instead of outfitting the cart with a pedal and steering system to give our customers the gift of adaptability.

This way, your mobile creperie can transform from an indoor crepes kiosk into a street-wise crepes bike at the click of a button, in a matter of seconds.

Handcrafted in Europe

We handcraft each and every one of our food carts in our small factory in Europe using high-quality materials and finishes such as powder coated steel, aluminum and food-grade stainless steel for countertops.

The standard crepes cart model comes equipped with an LPG fueled professional crepe maker; alternatively, the cart can be fitted with an electric one. The countertop also incorporates a sink with an automated water supply system powered by a 12V battery, 4 stainless steel containers for ingredients, a small container for the spatula and a cooling container for the crepe mix.

Basically, the crepes cart and the crepes bike are a full-service outdoor/indoor creperie at a fraction of the cost of a traditional one.

What Sets Them Apart From the Rest?

Professional Equipment, Delicious Crepes

  • Handbuilt with high-quality materials
  • Made in EU
  • 24 months warranty
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use*
  • Highly versatile and customizable
  • Equipped with a professional crepes maker
  • Able to withstand loads of up to 350 kg

Features & Specifications

Crepes cart and crepes bike features and specifications

Who is the Crepes Cart / Crepes Bike for?

Our crepes cart and crepes bike are designed for dynamic individuals who want to start their own mobile creperie and for already established entrepreneurs who seek to expand their existing services and go where their customers are.

So whether you’re a tyro with big ambitions or a seasoned go-getter with expanding goals, our crepes cart / crepes bike is the mightiest vehicle to carry them through.


Because it’s:

Is the Crepes Cart or Crepes Bike for YOU?

Fun fact: it is said that crepes have exactly what it takes to make breakfast exciting and weekdays a little more special.

But this isn’t just about crepes; it’s also about YOU. What would make your mornings better and your Mondays happier? The thrill of a good day with a fruitful outcome? The satisfaction of making people feel delighted and fulfilled?

Why not both? Because that’s what our crepes cart and crepes bike are for: to bring you closer to your goals, whether they mean starting your own business, expanding your existing one or simply doing what you love.

And all it takes is the desire to start anew. On your own terms.
With no boss, no desk, no deadlines – just sunshine and a lot of pancake makin’.

The question is: are you in?

Interested in getting one of our Crepes Carts or Crepes Bikes?

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