A Cutting-edge mobile billboard
for Innovative Advertising


Awarded the Gold Medal at the Geneva international salon of Inventions

for the most innovative advertising solution


AdBicy will glide your marketing campaign through the streets taking the attention of thousands of your customers covering whole city.
These advertising bikes know no limitations and will be sliding your message right in front of your customers like never before. Customize your advertising bike trailer the way you like with its multiple options. You can chose from pedal to pedestrian traction.


Be expressive and visionary with your advertisements in any design format with AdBicy. With its 3-in-1 modular options, it’s the only mobile billboard with the ability to transform itself into portrait, landscape, or square formats and changing from adbike mode to ad walker mode. Use this adbike to advertise in an effective design that ensures maximum engagement with your target audience.


We have created an advertising billboard that can be used all year long. After you will use one of the two options for mobile advertising, AdBicy can be used as a static billboard or an advertising wall billboard. This is the best banner advertising tool you can have. You just need to create a smart ad on a printed banner and use it for 360 days or more. You can have an AdBike, an AdWalker, a static billboard on the street or an advertising billboard on the wall depending on what you decide.

Billboard on the Wall
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