A Cutting-edge mobile billboard
for Innovative Advertising


Awarded the Gold Medal at the Geneva international salon of Inventions

for the most innovative advertising solution


As the first promobike trailer with multiple options, the AdBicy knows no limits, and can access areas where other types of advertising may be restricted. This mobile billboard offers various functions, and allows you to choose from pedal to pedestrian traction, or simply a 4-wheel remote control robot.

AdBicy will capture attention to your marketing campaign as it glides along the city streets and bikeway, or can be remotely controlled in any designated space.


Be expressive and visionary with your advertisements in any design format with AdBicy. With its 3-in-1 modular options, it’s the only mobile billboard with the ability to transform itself into portrait, landscape, or square formats.

Use AdBicy to advertise in an effective design that ensures maximum engagement with your target audience.


Make your marketing campaign as diverse as your audience with AdBicy. Different advertisements will be more effective when they are displayed in a variety of ways to catch the customers attention. AdBicy will display your campaign upright, as a 4-sided billboard, as a wall-mounted billboard, or as as an expo stand. Get the flexibility in multi-functionality that allows for complete creativity and control.

People Stopper
4 sided Billboard
Billboard on the Wall Expo Stand
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